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Greetings the one who watch my pictuters now. Here you'll see some pictures of mine. It's not in very good quality because of the scaner that I used, but I hope in the future to buy my own scaner and then I'll scan them again in better quality. These pictures are small size. If you click on pic you can see it in biger size and better quality. Еnjoy. :-)

Some friends of mine. (some of them were my school-fellow)
In the left is the refectory,
and behind us is my technical school.

Here is after I took my diploma
for successful graduated TSMT - Pravetz.
Behind me is my hostel, not my technical school. :-)

Here I am on birthday.
My father celebrate 50th birthday anniversary.
And that the little is my nephew.

Here I'm graduate my military education.
I studied in School for officers in the reserve in Shumen.
I'm second from the left.

Here I'm on a wedding party.
Family daughter get in marriage.
My sister is sitting next to me.

My little beast surprised other one. :-))
Somebody is hungry, but nobady help.

Thisi is one of my bests friend.
He's coming on my birthday.
It was a big party time, but I couldn't see the end. :-)

This is my birthday again.
Everybody are hungry. :-)

This is sunset. I repeat SUNSET.
Don't get wrong. I made the picture and I know.
Precisely it's a sunset in Dupnica.

And here is my intended wife Boriana.
Next to her sitting her younger grandma.

Here everybody are wondering what is that. :-)
Well, I'm not keep in tension.
This is the chimney of Rila monestery's kitchen.
It is nice pic, isn't it?

This's Rila monastery, again.
Monastery kitchen is in the right after the fountain.
Here Bobi's waitting a crippled dog who dring water.
The dog can't be see well.

Here we are in Rupi. I don't know what kind are these births.
Somebody told me that they're some kind of henс.

That is in Rupi again, more exactly in the yard of Vanga's house.
Well, from Sofia to Rupi we travel on hitch-hike.
That was a very nice trip.

This is my little cat. On 1th March she borned two little hair balls. You can see them too. Don't they cute?
Here they tring to walk.   :-)

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