Pictures from second gallery

Greetings the one who watch my pictuters now. Here you'll see some pictures of mine. It's not in very good quality because of the scaner that I used, but I hope in the future to buy my own scaner and then I'll scan them again in better quality. These pictures are small size. If you click on pic you can see it in biger size and better quality. Еnjoy. :-)

This is my little beast.
But it's dead already. :-(

This's a pink bush in Rila monestery.
I like it thats why I took a photo.

This's Rila monetery again.
One dog's drinking water and Bobi's waitting him.

Here I'm with some fellow-students in
botany garden (in Sofia) on a visit.

That is the church of grandma Vanga
in Rupi (She was a oracle).

There again, but next to the church.
Some bells are overe there.

This's a floller we saw when
we climbed on a hill in Dupnica.
This's my Това е present little beaast. Here she has two little beast.
A big fleas were they. They creeped everywhere. :-)
Well, they not with me now. I gave them away.

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