Who are my prents

My father was born in town Lom, and my mother was born in a village near by. After a few years her parents came to live in the town. Father of my father have been a eminent veterinary surgeon in Lom. My parents graduated their basic schools in the town. After that my mother graduated Technical School in Montana (before Mihailovgrad), and my fother gradueted Technical University in Sofia (before HMEI "V.I.Lenin"). Then they married in Lom and after two years my sister was born. (Now she is married, lives in Lubimetz and have two nice kids - boy and girl). Four years later I came into the world. (Hello world). A long time my parents worked in manufacturing plant "Avtomatika" near the town. They start to work almost of it creation and vacated it before the plant went bankrupt. Now they work in own firm with my uncle and aunt (sister and brother of my fohter). This firm I may say that it is one of the biggers in Lom region. (Almost all others factories are gone). If someone interests about our family firm can get more information at this web address: http://www.slunce-s.com. It is underconstruction but there have some information. This firm produce electric planes and materials, and this is the e-mail for contact: